We salute the massive strike of the working class of India

As Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey, we support and send our solidarity messages to all precursors of the general strike on 2nd of September which is led by notably Communist Party of India (Marxist) but also by Central Trade Unions and Indian National Trade Union Congress.

Working class is under an attack of neoliberalism and these attacks are increasing day by day. Poverty rate and pressure on the working class is on the rise as capitalist class needs more profit. Doubtlessly, only working class can reverse this situation and send neoliberalism and system of wage slavery into the depths of history.

We are aware that the massive general strike on September 2nd which is led by CPIM is acting with this conscious and this gives hope to your comrades in Turkey. We are sure that this struggle will grow by time.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey

Central Committee