12 02, 2016

Founder Members of TKP has been Commemorated

Thirteens have been commerated

31 12, 2015

We would like to convey our best wishes to the workers of all countries, to our friends and comrades for the new year

14 11, 2015

Solidarity message with the resistant people of Lebanon and the Lebanese Communist Party

Dear Comrades, The Communist Movement of Turkey (TKH) condemns the criminal bombings in Bourj al-Barajneh, Beirut on Thursday evening, which killed dozens and injured hundreds. TKH is aware of the resistance and dignity of the

14 11, 2015

Looters are gathering!

G-20 Summit will be held in Antalya this weekend. Representatives of international capital and arms dealers, the custodians of massacres, wars and the misery and poverty of people as well as millions of suffering migrants

18 08, 2015

Invitation to the Press Conference

There will be a press conference on İstanbul Şişli Kültür Merkezi at 11.00 for you to get information about our party. Adress : Halaskargazi Caddesi No:168 Şişli-İstanbul

18 08, 2015

Our party ‘’Communist Movement of Turkey’’ has been founded.

To Media and Popular opinion, We take the road to build socialism's independent political line. Our party, Communist Movement of Turkey has been founded. For a socialist Turkey... We lead our lives in an system,