AKP will be defeated by organized people; not by a military coup!

Our country is in a great chaos. After Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) declared that they “seized the power”, our country has dragged in to another political crisis. All those developments are the consequences of the political climate that is created by AKP and its reactionist policies.

14 years of AKP government has a great deal of responsibility in our country’s current situation. The political crisis that our country is currently facing has to be evaluated by AKP’s foreign policy that is under heavy pressure as well.

Above anything this truth should be understood.

Present developments are exemplary to show the gravity of the situation that our country has fallen into. Our people should never forget those responsible for these developments, those who tried for this coup and the “mentors” behind this coup attempt.

Details of the attempted military coup is going to be revealed in the coming days. When the powers who are behind this coup are exposed, the other actors that have been supporting and defending those powers until today are going to be revealed as well.

This situation involving the bombardment of the parliament and people shooting each other cannot be tolerated. Moreover, lynching and beheading of the soldiers on streets have clearly shown that AKP is leading our country into a disaster.

While one Islamist group called Gulen sect was bombarding the parliament building from air, the other Islamist group who claimed that they are against them is beheading, calling on Jihad, and calling for violence.

This is the order and status of our country that they created!

Imperialism, that wants to bring our country to chaos, is guilty as well among AKP, Gulen sect which has created this regime collaboratively with AKP and bourgeoise.

Changing a counter-revolutionary government with another counter-revolutionary group that has risen from the same government will not bring anything new to our country. No one should build hopes for a “change” that would be brought by the attempted military coup. There is nothing more out there than two capitalist order’s forces bombing each other, beheading people and dying in streets.

This attempted coup has no meaning rather than it pushes our country a little closer to civil war and deepens the chaos.

Announcements and jihadist calls that were made from mosques continuously to call people to streets until morning shows our country is on the edge of great troubles.

This situation cannot be tolerated. The Second Republic, which is a regime of crisis, conflicts, exploitation and aggressiveness and its executors should be opposed as a whole.

The legitimate political movement of the working class is the only real answer to AKP and its reactionary-exploiting system not the the soldiers loyal yo imperialism and NATO that is created by the same reactionism.

We cannot escape from those violent actions that is created by Islamic reactionists, until we cut the chains and capitalism and abolish imperialism.

We now need organised legitimate struggle of the working class to oppose AKP. We cannot allow AKP’s responses to justify its urge for presidency system and a new constitution.

Only the organised power of the people shall overcome this reactionary, anti-laborist, collaborator and capitalist system.

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