Approach of Communists Regarding The Kurdish Question

Today, our country is in the edge of a civil war.

Kurdish Question which influenced our country deeply for the last 35 years, is at an important breaking point.

Kurdish Question that has been handled with oppression, ignorance, annihilation and assimilation policies by capitalist regime and the state also has been a process of conflict for 35 years is at a new stage now.

Today, the state is applying fascist measures through blockading some cities with tanks and cannons. Besides, the fact that is revealed from “ditch and barricade policy” is clearly a war. The fact that the war is in a specific part of our country does not change the reality of war and more importantly, the risk that Turkey as a whole faces to be dragged into the regional war if the situation continues in the mentioned parts of the country. Firstly, we would like to state once more that the offense against civilians is unacceptable and that we stand together with Kurdish laborers against the fascist practices as well as the state brutality. Violence, conflict and war consists of civilians deaths, execution of unarmed people on streets, decease of children, targeting health centers, ambulances and school leads to a mass migrations. This situation has to be examined in terms of consequences; not by reasons.

Clashes, violence, and “ditch” policy that are experienced are a blind war. The “consequences” of this war will not contribute to our country’s struggle for egalitarianism, freedom and independence. On the contrary, the ones who suffer most from this conflict that contiues with clashes and violence are the working people of that specific area as well as the whole country. Thus, this war damages the unity of the working class and leads to a “Kurdish-Turkish conflict” as well as to a separation based on ethnicity.

As a matter of fact, this is not a war against imperialism, reactionism and capital but seems to be leading to a potential Turk-Kurd war.

It is the AKP government and the capital state that is responsible of this war who bomb its own people and blockade the cities within the borders of Republic of Turkey with heavy arms. Those who expect a solution in Kurdish Question from a collaborator of imperialism and a reactionist party as AKP are mistaken once again. AKP government clearly showed that it is the perpetrator of what has been going on by using fascist  methods such as blockading cities with heavy arms. People who voted for the so called “constitounal change” with a slogan, “not enough, but yes” during the referendum and expected democracy and a solution from AKP in the Kurdish Question are also responsible for the state brutality, fascist methods and war. The Kurdish political movement, that has not demonstrated a solidarity with millions during the June Resistance in order not to end the negotations with the AKP government sholud also be considered to be responsible of this political picture. Reality we are facing now once again shows the neccesity of a struggle that opposes the whole system, not negotiations with the AKP government. The political stand and programatic path of the Kurdish political movement that compromises for imperialism and capital as well as that considers national sovereignty as a priority instead social sovereignty should be considered as a part of the bottleneck. It should also be clear that there are limits of national soveregnty without social sovereignty. What is meant by a political solution regarding the Kurdish issue must be clear for everyone while violence and conflict policies are carried out both by the AKP government and the Kurdish political movement.

The result of these policies may lead either to negotiate for a reactionary and where the rules are determined by AKP or to reconciliation and separation that will be for the regional interests of imperialism. This dilemma is unacceptable.

Our country will absolutely overcome this blind war. Neither a reactionary and capitalist reconciliation nor a separation that will butter the bread of imperialism would be a gain for the workers of our country. Our country can be sacrificed to neither a bloody AKP fascism, nor a separation that imperialism could set off in accordance with its regional interests.

For all these reasons, this process needs to be seen and judged with all aspects by our working people.

1. It is imperialism that is guilty of clashes and the outcome of war in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Ukraine. Imperialism that increased its agression after the dissolution of socialist camp, invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, divided Yugoslavia and intervened the countries which did not kneel imperialism through its manipulation Arab Spring. Today, the ongoing civil wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria is the Picture of what imperialism aims. Imperialism has always found a way to divide the countries that has not yielded, by ethnic and religious wars. Small countries emerged after the division of Yugoslavia have worsened the situation for the working class. Today, the same threat is in the agenda for Ukraine.

The Kurdish state to be established in Northern Iraq is being established under imperialist hegemony.

2. Today, the main reason for the compression of the Kurdish issue, and the war situation that is caused by this pressure is the uncertainties caused by the regional wars. Turkey is not exempted from the redrawing of borders in the region, This situation will get clear by either a “solution” of the new regime established by the AKP or by a regional war.The solution of this equation is limited by the horizons of the given political powers, course of regional developments, goals and political benefits of the powerful countries. Among the given, there is not any anti-imperialist or anti-capitalist alternative.

3. Therefore, demands of the Kurdish political movement, “self- governence and autonomy”, can be read as a first step of the “division” process. This policy will not lead to the emancipation of the Kurdish workers. On the contrary, it is clear that, this policy means dependency to the imperialist powers and integration to the imperialist capitalist system. Policies of sacrificing Kurdish workers’ national rights to imperialism is neither the real liberation nor freedom.

4. The procedure of “European Charter of Local Self-Governence”, which has been raised by the regime established by AKP government, is the “solution of bourgeois”. Submitting the new governence system that will open the gate for reactionism and capitalisation for the emancipation of Kurdish workers would be deceptive. Imperialist countries like USA, Germany and France that have such governance prove that it brings no emancipation for the working class. A process which will strenghten capitalism and reactionism do not bring a more democratic enviroment.

5. With attribution to the “European Charter of Local Self-Governance”, claiming that “Turkey will become a more democratic country” by the Kurdish policital movement that demands “self-governance and autonomy” has its limits. It must be seen that, there is no democratic future, within a reactionary, collabrator and capitalist regime. Increasing the authority of the local governments will only beneficial for marketization and reactionism. Besides, returning to “Dolmabahçe Reconciling” as a condition for peace, does not mean anything other than intra-system solution. This reconciling is designated to be finalized in the new constitution. It must be clear that the new constitution means presidencial system, presidencial system means deepening of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and implementation of its effects on administrational structure.

6. Actually, there is politically a common ground between the capitalist order of the AKP government and Kurdish political movement in terms of “the solution”.

Phrases of the political actors about this painful war must be observed by the working classes very carefully.
What the Second Republic Regime, in other words AKP government, can give to the Kurdish people is either fascism or reactinonism and capitalism. The only thing left to the Kurdish workers by Second Republic Regime is, through pressure and violance is yielding.

While the pain that imperialism causes in the Middle East is obvious, the only thing that imperialism can give Kurdish workers is dependency.

Kurdish political movement is at the limit regarding its programme. Without keeping distance from reactionism, imperialism and capital, only thing that Kurdish political movement could promise as emancipation to the Kurdish workers is either a capitalist state that is dependent on imperialism or integration to the reactionary capitalist Second Republic regime of AKP that is dependent on imperialism. Nobody should attribute holy meanings either to autonomy or to “self- governance”. Without mentioning anything about class structure and socio- economic model, describing the claim of “self-governance” only in terms of the relationship between country’s central administration and local administrations, is inadequate. While impelementing reactionary expansions, holding relationship with the imperialist USA and holding meetings with the “Kurdish bourgeoisie”, the self-governance obviously cannot be named as a revolutionary policy for Turkey. This political perspective would not lead Turkey to become a more democratic country but to either a division or to a more deepening marketization. The outcomes of these options are either an ethnic civil war or an expectance of democratization from the new rejime established by AKP.

For social salvation

Communists never hide their opinions. That’s why, our perspective based on principles regarding the Kurdish issue that is at a breaking point today is stated below.

1. Rupture from the imperialist- capitalist system without having a Socialist programme is not possible. Socialism is the only regime to preserve national honour and independence seen in examples of Cuba, which still stands today and Bolsheviks in the past. The only condition for rupture from the imperialist-capitalist system is having a Socialist programme.

2. As French Revolution 1789 could not fulfill the demands of “freedom, brotherhood, equality”, national rights like “freedom, brotherhood, equality” cannot be maintaned with imperialist solutions or bourgeois. Today the situation of imperialist- capitalist system requires a struggle, far beyond demanding national rights.

3. National independence can be achieved only through a struggle against imperialism. Today, national independence struggles which are not fighting against imperialism, can not abolish imperialist-capitalist system.

4. In the near future regarding the Kurdish issue, taking into account the position of political actors, the political picture seems to be either integration to system or civil war while a third option remains as the contiunuation of the existing clashes. It is not realistic to expect salvation of proletariat, freedom of Kurdish people or a democratic country from a picture like that. Fascism seems to accompany reactionism and marketism.

5. Today’s task is to fight against imperialism, capitalism, AKP government and its reactionary essence. Struggle only for Kurdish national rights and demands that pulls back this fight has reached its limits. There will be no national salvation without social salvation. Revolution of Turkey will also be the revolution of Kurdish proletariat.

6. Fraternity of peoples, unity of proletariat and common struggle can only be materialized by uprise of the labour class as a ‘class’ of which political representation is ensured. This political power can be achieved only by strenghening the socialist front and revealing the organization of the working class. The indigent Kurdish peasants are increasingly becoming proletarianized as well as a part of the working class of Turkey.

7. Our country’s salvation will come with organised power of millions who stood up in June Resistance (2013). Resistant people of Turkey who stood up in 2013 is the only power to destroy AKP government, mantain our unity and independence, establish a secular and equal republic which will provide national rights of the Kurdish proletariat. In order to achieve this, all progressive, patriotic and republican people of the country should start a new struggle. For themselves and for the Kurdish proletariat.

Unity, fraternity, peace, freedom is possible only with a secular, independent proletarian republic.

Socialist Republic, liberty to the people!

Communist Movement (Party) Of Turkey
Central Committee

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