Communists protested against imperialist plans to disintegrate Syria

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey (TKH) protested the latest schemes of US imperialism to disintegrate Syria. The action in front of the US consulate building in Istanbul was against the latest provocations of USA regarding a new possible attack by accusing the legitimate Syrian government for using chemical weapons and the growing military presence of US on the east of Euphrates River in Syria through military bases.

Members and friends of TKH gathered at the US Consulate in Istanbul on Saturday, March 17th, with slogans like “Murderer USA, Get out of Middle East!”, “Imperialists, collaborators, Do not forget 6th Fleet!”, “Occupiers always lose!” and “This country is ours, We will not leave it to Yankees, zealots!”.

The statement read during the protest by the Chairperson of TKH, Aysel Tekerek, is as follows;

“No partnership with the occupation and division policies of USA!

USA keep your hands off Syria!

Our country and the Middle East continue to be the target of imperialist games for a century. Hundred years ago, with the secret Sykes-Picot Treaty, Britain and France divided the Middle East into their own domains at the table and turned the peoples one against another.

Today, USA, who have settled in the region by giving way for the Iraqi occupation and then using it as an excuse in 1990 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, has first of all invaded Iraq by using jihadist terror organizations as an excuse and later used these same organizations during “Arab Spring” to swoop on the peoples of Middle East once again.

US imperialism, aiming to form a moderate Islamist administration using jihadist gangs in Syria dependent to themselves, is trying to launch a new plan as the resistance of the honorable Syrian people blocked their ambitions.

US imperialism, which caused the destruction of Syria and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people through the jihadist gangs, is accelerating the steps for the disintegration of Syria today. It is seen that USA is making an effort to create a ground for a military intervention in Syria with false news using jihadist gangs.

The underlying reason for the possibility of imperialism attacking Syria in the coming days is the target of de facto division and disintegration of Syria. As it is seen, the process of the disintegration of Syria by breaking off the northern and eastern parts of the country is sought to be realized.

While imperialism is using the “theme” of fighting against ISIS to settle in Syria, Kurdish political movement does not see any harm in becoming a military instrument of US imperialism. The role of the collaboration with PYD for the settling of imperialism in Syria should be seen.

The capitalist class of Turkey and its government that are loyal and strategic allies of US imperialism must also be reminded. Those who are seeking to demonize all fraternal and neighboring peoples and feed our working people with a huge rhetoric of how our country will be invaded, how it is sought to be divided and how a struggle against imperialism is going on, have become a part of the threats and plans of imperialism to invade Syria.

In this sense, it should be seen that operation for Afrin may not regarded solely to aim “to prevent threat of terrorism or the Kurdish corridor of USA”, and is executed in accordance with the plans of disintegrating Syria in the orbit of US imperialism. The fact that AKP and USA have reached an agreement regarding Menbij and east of Euphrates once again manifests how AKP government contributes to the disintegration of Syria and at the same time that it approves a new “Barzani model” in the east of Euphrates.

it is necessary to oppose the creation of new artificial borders by establishing pseudo-states in the Middle East, as it was done in the disintegration of Yugoslavia before. All the working peoples in the region must carry out a common anti-imperialist struggle against the division of Syria and the settlement of the imperialism with numerous bases.

Plans of imperialism may not be scrapped by cooperating with imperialism!

We must say no to the division of Syria.

Our voices must be raised against the attempts of the US imperialism to strike Syria.

American bases in Syria must be closed and American troops must be withdrawn.

The economic, political and military cooperation of Turkey with imperialism must be ended, we must exit NATO, American bases including Incirlik in our country should be closed.

Our country should be liberated from the collaboration of imperialism and reactionary that it was stuck in by all forces of the order, namely the capitalist class and AKP government.

All workers must see this reality. It should not be forgotten that the path of liberation for the workers of our country and the region lies with the anti-imperialist struggle and peace and liberty may only be reached through this path.

Down with US imperialism and its collaborators!
Long live the anti-imperialist struggle of the workers!”

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey

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