Do You Have Any Dignity Left?

By TKH Central Committee member Kurtuluş Kılçer

Everybody is worrying about Tayyip Erdoğan’s USA visit, whether he is going to meet with president of imperialist USA or not. Many “serious” people follow this question to make assumptions about Turkey’s near future.

If they meet, AKP’s partisans will claim, “You see? Imperialism is backing us.”

If they do not meet, “opponents” of AKP will claim, “You see? Imperialism stops backing AKP.”

What a shame to make assumptions about Turkey’s near future based solely on Erdoğan’s meeting with Obama.

This is an open confession. This approach is an open confession of who let AKP to come to power and who are supporting them! On the other hand, it is a concrete example for USA is decidingwho will be in charge in Turkey within this system.

And it is true. Erdoğan has been given power named as “moderate Islam” basedupon imperialists’ interests in the Middle East. Erdoğan is the founding actor of the counter-revolutionary transformation in our country. With the support from liberals and the planning of USA, reactionaries have risen to power in our country. They have destroyed the republic founded in 1923, and created a reactionary, Americanist and marketist regime instead. Today laicism is only written on paper. When intervening in Syria AKP did not decide on its own but acted upon collaborating with imperialism. How quickly is it forgotten that CIA and MIT (Turkish intelligence agency) launched a joint operation center in Gaziantep?

It is true. He is going to the lodge of his sect order. We will see if he can get an approval from his sheik or not!

We will say exactly this. Their sheik is the president of USA. Their sect is the sect of imperialism. They go for his blessings, they bargain anything for its blessings.

You can only feel shame for this situation. Are we aware that Turkey has become a country that is wondering whether Erdoğan is going to get a blessing from his sheik or not. What a pity, if this country has come to hoping for help from US imperialism.

You will not have an agenda for US bases, you will never say a word about US nuclear weapons in our country, you will not mention

about USA’s role in the division of Syria and Iraq, you will not report about the NATO base in Çiğli, you will not write about partnership between CIA and MIT, you will not ask about what Turkish soldiers are doing in Qatar and Somalia and yet you will not miss a single point from think-tank

institutions at the imperialist hub.

There is only one thing to be said: USA has become your Qibla (the temple in Mecca) as well friend!

This is awaiting our country’s liberation from the evilness of AKP from USA.

The articles and broadcasts are the results of manifestation of such a subconscious. Nobody should say they are “analyzing”!

Is the relation between AKP and USA insignificant? Not at all! However, is it not more important that wrongfulness, character and content of this form of correlation?

We have to get rid of Erdoğan and AKP!

If USA supports them, we may not say there is nothing to do!

If USA does not support them, may we be happy and legitimize a new leader who is beloved by USA?

How can this be?

Does not this country have any dignity left?

We shall not accept the plans for the future of this country based on whether there will be an Obama-
Erdogan meeting or not!

There can be no opposition to AKP from those who do not oppose imperialism and even have hopes from it!

The problem is this regime that is established by AKP and is congruent with imperialism! Are you opposed
to this regime or not? If not your opposition to Erdoğan does not mean anything

A last word for those who are curious about whether USA is cutting Erdoğan’s ropes or not: As long as there are powers that

hold Erdoğan’s ropes in our country, there will be many new ones with ropes to be held!

To have an honorable leader for an independent country, we have to get rid of AKP, USA and their compradors!

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