Looters are gathering!

G-20 Summit will be held in Antalya this weekend. Representatives of international capital and arms dealers, the custodians of massacres, wars and the misery and poverty of people as well as millions of suffering migrants and refugees, and the exploiters of the working classes in Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe are coming to our country.

G-20 is a platform that intends to control and direct the economies of the countries dependent on imperialism also intends to impose on the international working class the policies for interests of international capital.

The decisions in G-20 summits are made for the sustainability of international capitalism and its interests. Imperialist countries which are known as G7 are at the core of these summits.

Topics like debt crisis in Greece, military intervention in Syria and national currency policies of countries will be the agenda of this meeting.

G-20 Summit to be held in our country will have a content that strikes out peace and cuts the labour rights. The main approach of this meeting will be the agenda of the international capitalism.

Agenda of the Summit to be held in Antalya on 15-16 November will be the needs and interests of capitalism, monopolies, investment groups, banks; shortly the global needs and interests of the capitalist class. Besides, measures to be taken against crisis will be a discussion topic.

Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP, that have strengthened their position upon elections in November, seem to be prepared. Seemingly, they will escalate the “bargain” on Syria and suppress the refugee flow to Europe.

This year, for the first time, war games will be on the table. G-20 will take the probable ground incursion in Syria, developments in Iraq, negotiations about the refugee crisis to the agenda, which actually has been caused by themselves.

With a ground incursion, they will push the button for no flight zone and safe zone for combat missions. US administration will step forward in order to strengthen its position in Syria, Middle East and Ukraine as well as to continue hegemonic scramble in South China Sea that is the route to oil, natural gas and trade, together with its ally Japan.

EU will continue the bargain with Turkey in suppressing the refugee flow to Europe. AKP and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, while trying to increase the amount of the “aid” from €3 billionto €5 billion, will push forward to become concessionaire on Syrian and Kurdish issues as well as expediting the EU membership process.

The main framework of the meetings will undoubtly be smoothing the way for capital and rescuing capitalism from deadlock regarding the continued crisis since 2007, that is the raison d’être of G-20.

Each topic in G-20 will be handled in accordance with smoothing the path for invervention of imperialism. Possible bottlenecks will be sticked to the working classes of the globe.

In these circumstances, the only way to prevent the exploitation and war mechanism of imperialism is to fight against it. This is the only way to maintain peace as well as to enlarge the labour front against exploitation.

Communist Movement of Turkey, calls the all progressive and patriotic powers to struggle against the games of the looters.


Communist Movement of Turkey

Central Comittee

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