Our party ‘’Communist Movement of Turkey’’ has been founded.

To Media and Popular opinion,

We take the road to build socialism’s independent political line.

Our party, Communist Movement of Turkey has been founded.
For a socialist Turkey…

We lead our lives in an system, in which capitalist exploitation, imperialist dominance and retrogressive government rule. Workers have no right to lead their lives humanely in this order.

We are faced with a regime in which every year thousands of workers die while trying to make ends meet with very low wages, in which a reppresive and retrogressive regime with unfair and without law practice tramples on the fundamental rights of our citizens and in which reactionism has pervaded to every corner of the country.

In this order it is impossible to solve problems, notably the Kurdish question, based on equality, freedoom and justice.

With the Justice and Development Party (AKP) governence, our country has faced a counter-revolution process. This process, through which all gains of the Republic have been annuled, resulted in a transformation to a new regime. In this regime, secularism has virtually come to an end, the law has been trampled on, the social state has been sacrified to the market, the constitutional regime has been put into a cold storage.

This regime is reactionary, comprador and an enemy of labour. Our country must be emanticipated from this dark, comprador and enemy-of-labour regime right away.

Today, there is no fair chance for political quests and programs, which do not have an aim for socialism for the salvation of our country and workers. Neither radical or social democracy nor liberalism and also neither Turkish nor Kurdish nationalism can be a choice for fighting against the capitalist system.

Only way is that, the real left, in other words, socialism should be organised in mass as political movement. Our first principle is that socialism should have an independent political line in order to be a massive choice.

We declare again that socialism is an only way for our country to be saved from all this filth.

The Socialist Turkey will be a secular worker republic where egalitarianism, libertarianism and justice will be prevailing.

We are on the way for all those aims. To build socialim’s independent political line and to make the socialism a massive choice, we found a party called ‘’Communist Movement of Turkey.’’

Communist Movement of Turkey (TKH) is taking the road for socialism to be organized as a massive political movement with the slogan of The Socialist Turkey and A Socialist Republic, and to instigate Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), which has a significant historical accumulation and struggle line from 1920 to today.

For an egalitarian order and a humanely life,
For a secular country
For an independent Turkey
To found a country where the working class is in power
We need a socialist republic!


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