Salutation Message to the 7th Congress of the PCC

To the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba,

We, as the communists of Turkey, salute the struggle of Cuba against imperialist blockade and tyranny of the USA, which was started by “los expedicionarios del yate Granma” on November 25th, 1956 and lead to the victory on January 1st, 1959 and on to socialism.

Since the declaration of the path of Cuban Revolution towards socialism 55 years ago, the successes, strength and resistance of the Revolution and socialism in Cuba is still an inspiring example for the whole world.

We are certainly confident that Cuban people, who fought against a variety of reactionism and counter revolutionary conspiracies since the revolution and founded a socialist, equal, free, independent, sovereign, patriotic and secular Cuba, will completely defeat imperialism.

In a period when USA is appearing to change its policies against Cuba after being unable to subdue her, they are still enforcing the blockade and pouring millions of dollars to create a so-called political opposition in Cuba. We would like to underline once again that neither a single state nor any one should try to intervene and expect Cuba to give up her principles and her resistance. Those who will try to undermine the righteous and legitimate struggle of the Cuban people will face a bitter defeat as they have faced it until now.

We are certain that those who think that the “Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and Revolution”, which was approved by the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba five years ago in order to overcome the difficulties that Cuban Revolution and socialism had to confront against the blockade of more than five decades now, will retract Cuba from her struggle towards socialism are gravely mistaken.

We would like to stress that while we understand the necessities of the official relations between Cuba and imperialist USA, we are also confident that the Cuban communists are and will be even more vigilant against the perilous moves of imperialism towards socialist Cuba.

We, as the communists of Turkey, would like to extend our internationalist and comradely determination for solidarity to our Cuban comrades who are still struggling with the same determination as they had on the first day of the Revolution against each and every danger in their path to bring socialism further victories in Cuba.

7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba will succeed to build a prosperous and sustainable socialism.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre
Cuba Si Yanquis No
Defendiendo el Socialismo
Viva Socialismo y Cuba

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey
Central Committee

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