Solidarity with Communist Party of Venezuela

After a recent decision by the electoral authority in Venezuela, Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) is facing a senseless ban, while the country is at the target of imperialism and counter revolutionary forces. Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey sent the below letter of solidarity to PCV to denounce this decision.


To Central Committee of Communist Party of Venezuela

Dear comrades,


Today, Venezuela is experiencing multi-dimensional reactionary and counter-revolutionary attacks against the working people and their gains after the Bolivarian revolution aiming to destroy all of achievements of Venezuelan working people. Those counter-revolutionary forces are even calling US imperialism to intervene internal affairs of Venezuela, which is an independent and a sovereign country.


However, we have learned with great concern that National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE) has made new legislations regarding electoral requirements of political parties in Venezuela. It is understood that, according to the new regulations, member lists of political parties should be declared to CNE in order to participate in elections. This situation threatens the security of the party cadres of PCV, it also reminds us of outlawing of the organization of a communist party in Venezuela with a law in 1965.


Progressive forces all across the world face the duty to raise a class-based politics that will construct the power of proletariat. Hence, the existence and the class-based politics of PCV are not only crucial to defend the achievements of Bolivarian revolution but it is also vital for the anti-imperialist struggle in Latin America and overcome the contemporary problems of Venezuela.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey denounces all attempts to ban Communist Party of Venezuela and calls for Maduro government and Venezuelan state organs to reconsider their policies in this difficult time for Venezuela and to repeal these new electoral legislations. We believe that the only possibility for Bolivarian revolution to overcome its shortcomings is to lay a path towards socialism and any step to ban on PCV, with its long history of anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist struggle, instead of a struggle against the counter revolutionary forces will only make it difficult for Bolivarian revolution and Venezuelan working people. We convey the sincerest feelings of solidarity from communists of Turkey to the PCV.


With our comradely greetings,
Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey

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