The 3rd Ankara Massacre is the picture of the regime established by the bloody hands of AKP!

Another massacre took place in our country with the bombing in Ankara tonight. This attack, namely 3rd Ankara Massacre, had its place in history as a terrorist attack.
Soon, the reasons, the perpetrators and the guides will come up. However, this picture is the proof of AKP is riding Turkey for a fall with its own hands.
Our people must know and acknowledge that, the reasons and perpetrators of this massacre are as important as the ground that prepares this political framework. This ground is the result of the 14-year old AKP government.
Our people must see the truth.
The reactionary regime established by AKP must not be known as a big transformation but a dark regime. How many more massacres should be seen to be understand the working people are deceived with the lies of peace, stability, transformation, new Turkey and 2023 vision?
The government is responsible for these massacres. AKP cannot run away from its reputation of creating a country of massacres. People and groups, who are responsible for the current situation of our country, will pay the price.
Without defeating imperialism and reactionary AKP government, massacres will not come to an end.
As Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey, we condemn this terrorist attack in Ankara, where many were killed and hundreds were injured.
Our condolences to Turkey,
We hope our wounded citizens will get better soon.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey
Central Commitee

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