The dictatorship of capital, not Lausanne, must be reviewed!

On his last trip to Greece, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again asserted that the Treaty of Lausanne, the founding document of the Republic of Turkey, should be brought to the agenda and updated.

It is a sheer carelessness if not a betrayal of those who argue about a “survival problem” for Tukey, to open a debate on an international treaty that defines and guarantees the international status of Turkey and was written with the victory of children of the poor people with their last resorts and at the expense of their lives over the imperialists and the Greek rulers they support.

It is necessary to abandon these assertions, which only feeds the tensions that the fraternal and neighboring workers of Greece and Turkey do not have any interests in order to mask the burdens that capitalist classes of two countries put on the backs of the working peoples and the austerity policies they imply. Turkey should not open a debate on its existence in a world where there is no Soviet Union, which it received the greatest support in its establishment.

The words of Erdogan lacking the simplest knowledge of history and politics are not intended to protect the rights of the minority in Western Thrace but to gain favor in domestic politics. Again, it is a grave mistake to start a debate on borders and talk about war instead of talking about a peaceful solution to the problems in the Aegean Sea without confronting the working peoples of the two countries, the free usage of the Aegean Sea by two countries and disarmament.

It is clear that the two collaborating governments, AKP in Turkey and SYRIZA in Greece, want to avoid the discussions of economic crises, the costs of the profit-greed of capital and pro-market measures like new taxes, lowering wages, preventing the organized struggle of the working class by highlighting nationalism and religious reactionism in both countries.

It is clear that both governments are fully agreeing on the exploitation of cheap labor by capitalist classes, the cooperation in creating new investment areas and looting natural resources, and deriving profits from the refugee crisis caused by the imperialist interventions, in which they collaborate under the NATO umbrella.

In the face of these agreements, the attempt to impose new attacks to the working class and to the working people with new Kardak (Imia) shows and by feeding the nationalist deliriums between the fraternal and neighboring working people of the two countries should be nullified.

The problems between Turkey and Greece stem from the capitalist classes of the two countries, their interests, imperialism and collaboration. The solution of the problems is clear. We should exit NATO, Treaty of Lausanne should be fully implemented, the provocations of the capitalist classes of the two countries should be ended and the working peoples of the two countries should be freed from the dictatorship of capital.


December 9, 2017

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