The world is bigger than the USA! The people of Venezuela have made the decision

The world is bigger than the USA! The people of Venezuela have made the decision

The people of Venezuela have responded firmly and decisively with the election of the Constituent Assembly against collaborators who have terrorized country for months with the money and intelligence support of the United States of America. Despite all the threats of the pro-U.S opposition and the United States, more than 8 million Venezuelan used their sovereignty rights, went to the polls and determined the future of their country.

It is important for the Constituent Assembly elections to see the highest support of the Bolivarian Revolution’s 18-year history, despite all the efforts of the pro-U.S opposition, who burned people alive, attacked public buildings with helicopters, and burned food items stored for distribution to the people in the conditions of crisis. Reactions from the United States before and after the elections clearly show what the Venezuelan people are fighting.

The CIA Director’s confession that they intervened with Mexico and Colombia in Venezuela, US decision for sanctions against 13 senior Venezuelan executives including Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the statement of the US President Donald Trump that he will not recognize the result of the elections, The words of the US State Department that the Constituent Assembly is ‘weaken the right of the Venezuelan people to self-determination’ and lastly the statement by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that ” We are evaluating all of our policy options as to what we can do to create a change of conditions to where either Maduro decides he doesn’t have a future and wants to leave of his own accord” shows that the US wants to open a new chapter in the bloody history of Latin America.

The people of Venezuela made their decision with a legitimate and right choice. The world is bigger than the bloody plans and collaborators of the United States. There is no legitimacy for imperialism, especially the United States, to try to impose a regime change on the people of Venezuela. Indeed, despite all the threats against the working Venezuelan people, they would not submit to US imperialism and showed up to the polls. The United States and its collaborators, who try to ignore the will of Venezuelan people, have taken their places in the dark places of the history.

In Venezuela, like the embargo on Cuba for more than 50 years, despite all the interventions of the United States and its greatest collaborator Colombia, it is unquestionable that today the Bolivarian Republic has to deal with very serious problems. The only way that these problems can be solved in the direction of the favour and demand of the people is the construction of socialism. More than 8 million Venezuelans’ decisions in the direction of independence and sovereignty have given Maduro and his government an important responsibility, as well as being the mainstay of the coming period.

The rogue state US and its supporters must know that the people united will never be defeated. As the communists of Turkey, we salute the Venezuelan people for making the claim of their own future. All the peoples of the world are in their struggle against imperialism.

The US will lose, the working peoples will win.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey

2 August 2017

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