TKH Youth held a mass meeting

On March 5, Youth of Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey (TKH Youth) held a mass meeting in İstanbul against reactionism, exploitation and futurelessness.

Evrim Saldıran, the representative of TKH Youth, had a speech during the event:

“At first, we should answer the question of ‘Why TKH Youth organized such an event?” as it contains some essential reasons. 

Firstly, we believe that producing answers to war, poverty, reactionism and exploitation is crucial for the search for motherland and liberation. Secondly, we are here because we accumulate the values of humanity. This should not be underestimated. At the same time, while capitalism has brought forth futility, it has also fought against the values that humanity has accumulated up to that time. Those who are resisting to stay human, are struggling.

We’ve been saying something about this event. When you get out of this place, you will not have learned any information that you already do not know. We are telling you what you are experiencing every day. But you will have to make a choice. Either an organised life or a step not to be taken despite the fact that all the problems are seen. In this respect, a stage that we shaped, has been closed. We salute all of the comrades who have opened a way this stage.”

Central Committee member of TKH, Kurtuluş Kılçer also joined the event.

Progressive Women’s Association (İKD) and Construction and Building Workers’ Union (İYİ-SEN) sent their solidarity messages to the event.


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