Turkey engaging into the war with the hands of the USA and AKP

Although the grounds for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) to enter into Syrian soil is claimed to be the cleansing of the terrorist threat against our borders, the reality is far from this. The reality is that Turkey is confined and dispatched to this war by imperialism and for the sake of the interests of USA imperialism in the region.

Turkey engaged into this war with the approval, request and collaboration of the USA imperialism. The imperialist aggression against Middle East has been constructed step by step; the created barbarity of ISIS has been made the grounds for the imperialist intervention to the region, notably USA imperialism and the collaborator countries in the region has become a part of this plan in order to divide Iraq and to end Syria with a similar fate. AKP government has been one of the biggest partners of imperialism when jihadist terrorist organizations were brought into these regions via Turkey and a civil war was ignited in Syria.

At this point, the long-time request from Turkey to engage in the region for the sake of the interests of USA, has been accomplished as TSK has entered Jarablus. The interests of imperialism lies underneath all the interventions of imperialism towards Turkey and in order to sustain these interests nothing is beyond comprehension including massacres and coup attempts. AKP government has been backed into a corner and has got closer to USA with the increasing pressure.

Unfortunately, Turkish soldiers are desired to be used for the regional interest of USA just like the Kurdish political forces. This fact must be seen one more time today.

The rhetoric of the AKP government that the operation beyond our borders is against the ISIS in order to bring them to account for shelling our border towns and exploding bombs in our cities is just demagoguery. To replace ISIS by moving other jidahist forces into the region has nothing to do with fighting terrorism. This mockery in order to engage our country into the regional war must be seen by the working people of Turkey. Those who are providing arms and militants to jihadist organizations including ISIS, are today aiming to divide Iraq and Syria by putting the ISIS threat forth. The important things are the political aims and consequences of this process.

Similarly, the AKP government claim of the reasons to engage into war of blocking YPG forces from passing onto the west bank of the Euphrates River will be falsified once again in the coming days. The corridor forming on the east bank of the Euphrates is clear. The synchronous timing of the PYD attacks against the legitimate Syrian government forces in al Hasakah and the fact that the resolution of the war is going to be decided in Aleppo must be remembered. The fact that USA imperialism can cooperate with any political force in order to serve its interests is once again seen. USA has shown Turkey the “Kurdish card”, promised statehood to Kurds and dragged Arabs into sectarian wars.

In Syria and Iraq, a process, the framework of which has been created by USA and Russia is developing step by step and we are getting closer to the end of such process. Those who regard the convergence of AKP government with Russia and Iran as a change in the axis of Turkey, are once again mistaken by the engaging war in collaboration with USA. AKP government is once again in Americanist political line after being reprimanded with dependency to imperialism.

The comprador AKP government engaged our country into a war at the end of 14 years. This burden is on the shoulders of AKP and our working people must clearly see where our country is carried.

How our country is confined, subdued and dragged into war is obvious.

Our people and most notably Turkish and Kurdish working class must have a political conscious to see the plans of imperialism to settle into the region.

All bases of the imperialism in our country must be closed and military assets and bases of imperialism in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria must be hindered.

Kurdish political forces must cooperate with the legitimate Syrian government instead of USA.

All policies that are serving the division of Syria must be left, negotiations with the legitimate Syrian government must be started and the borders of Turkey must be closed to the jihadist terrorists.

The operation against Jarablus must be stopped, the sovereignty of the Syria must be respected and with the cooperation of the Syrian government, the Syria-Turkey border must be taken under control.

Middle East is not a swamp that people of the region are bogged down into armed conflicts but has been turned into such a swamp by imperialism. Our country shall not be a part of these plans.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey
Central Committee

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