We are with the Greek people!

The culprit is the Greek government that left the people unprotected with austerity policies!

The fraternal Greek people are facing a great wildfire disaster. However, the real disaster that they face comes not from nature, but from the SYRIZA-ANEL government that imperialism has haunted with the Greek people to protect the profits of the bosses.

SYRIZA, who was put forward as “left-wing” after the collapse of the traditional social democracy following the drifting of the Greek economy into a crisis, has always been a practical butler of the wishes of imperialism and bosses in the past years. It seems that the austerity policies applied to the protection of the profits have left the Greek people unprotected against this catastrophe of the wildfire just like in many other aspects.

As we have seen countless examples in our country, expenditures, and supervisions to prevent such disasters are not fulfilled for the sake of privatizations, corruption and profits, while the price of these heavy negligences is paid by the lives of the laborers and those responsible, are protected by the state of the bosses. The tragedy of a train accident in Corlu, the mining accident in Zonguldak and the building collapsed in Istanbul, which has happened in the last few weeks in our country, also show that this fact is similar all over the world.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey calls all working people to raise the struggle against this order that disregards their lives while expressing the feelings of solidarity with the Greek people.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey

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