We Will Not Drown In This Bloodbath

To all Turkish and Kurdish laborers and progressive citizens,

* Just like the earlier massacres, the 3rd massacre in Ankara have clearly shown what our country has become. Those massacres cannot be justified as by considering them “normal, nature of politics, conditions of war or retaliation”. Today, the biggest mistake would be to consider those massacres as normal or to surrender to horror.

* A reactionary regime which is built by AKP, is imposed on our country. This regime did not lead to peace and stability; on the contrary, it causes lawlessness, suppression, violence, conflict, war and massacres. On one hand, while this regime imposes itself by polarization and making new enemies, it tries to sweep away benefits of the Republic on the other hand as well. But more importantly, AKP who is a comprador to the end in its relation with imperialism, wanted to play role of a “battering ram” and with its sectarian and jihadist policies, it leads our country into a war. First, imperialism’s clear occupation, then its adverse outcomes like jihadist terror and conflicts on Kurdish issue are carried into our country.

* The disintegration in Syria and Iraq with imperialism’s intervention, affects our country directly on the Kurdish issue. Conflicts, migration, war and killings mainly in Sur and Cizre are bloody pictures of this situation.

* On the other side of the picture, there are massacres which are results of bombing attacks on Ankara. Last bombing attack which directly aims civilians is a terror attack in real terms, leads to a bloody massacre. Communists stand against terrorist actions and attacks as they have stood against massacres, fascism and suppression which harms the unity of working class before.

Communist Movement (Party) Of Turkey
Central Committee

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