We will not give way to the war of the rogue state of USA!

The Syrian territory, where the “Arab Spring”, the last page of the bloody history of USA in the Middle East, was defeated, was attacked by the imperialist rogue state of USA today at dawn.

USA, which has provided all kinds of support to the jihadist gangs to disintegrate Syria along with its allies Israel, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for years, exclaimed the recent chapter in a town near Idlib as the Turkish saying goes “a brazen scoundrel suppress the host” and rained bombs on the Syrian army fighting against the jihadist gangs, including ISIS and al-Qaeda.

It is evident that the voice of peace shall be raised in our country and around the world against the vigilant attack perpetrated with seizing the opportunity by the rogue state of USA, even though there are no evidence against Syria regarding the horrible incident that killed tens of children and people in the town of Khan Sheikhun of Idlib, Syria is defending that they have not used any chemical weapons but the facility they hit contained chemical weapons and even UN officials are admitting that the means of delivery used in the attack of the Syrian planes cannot be definitely confirmed.

For the Communists, there are no surprising sides to such an attack perpetrated by flouting national and international laws and rules of imperialism itself, which it bends up in any way in the interests of imperialism, and that can have very serious consequences for the region and world. We have no doubt that the victorious Syrian people, who with their honorable resistance has constituted the greatest obstacle to the plans of imperialism sought to be carried out by the bloody jihadist gangs in the Middle East, will also eliminate this unjust and unlawful attack.

The issue is not limited to the person sitting at the top of the rogue state of the United States. Considering the recent debates, it is once again revealed that there is no lesser evil when it comes to imperialism as Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party’s defeated presidential candidate, called for “the destruction of all Syrian air forces.

On the other hand, it is particularly noteworthy that this abominable attack of USA came immediately after the terrorist attack in the city of St. Petersburg of Russia, and immediately before the great operations that the Syrian army would start against the jihadist terrorist gangs in Idlib. As a matter of fact, it is reported in the news coming from the region that terrorists of ISIS has started a counter attack after this heinous attack on the military base, which has a strategic role in the war against ISIS. USA along with its partners in the region, Israel, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, once again demonstrated that they could resort to any kind of provocation to protect the jihadist terrorists they have used so far.

The worry of those foolish ones, who were yelling out “mastermind, siege” yesterday and now have come to applaud the US bombs today and have got in line behind the United States are never humanity, are never the humanity, dead children or chemical weapons, but the imperialist-capitalist system and their interests, powers, and roles in it. The crocodile tears of AKP government, which has made our country part of the sectarian wars in the region in the direction of imperialist plans, will not be enough to get rid of the responsibilities of the sufferings and bloodshed that are caused by the jihadist terrorists, who they have wined and dined, aided and armed.

It shall not be forgotten that the world and working peoples are greater than the profits of a handful of imperialist capitalists! Humanity will remember these bloody days with lessons and horror. The duties of communists have increased in order for our proletariat and working people to see the naked truth behind these provocations executed from imperialist centers and turn their backs on those, who are drifting our country into sectarian wars that intend to their own blood. The attacks and plans in the region of the rogue state of USA will be defeated. We call our proletariat and working people to raise the struggle along with communists, their only true friend, in order to do this

Down with the rogue state of USA and imperialism…

Long live the victorious resistance of the Syrian workers against imperialism…

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey

April 7th, 2017

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