Why Does not Imperialism Want Peace in Ukraine and Syria?

By TKH Central Committee member Umut Kuruç

While the future of Syrian-ceasefire and the extent of how much imperialism recognize the Syrian people’s will is suspicious, threats of increasing violence are beginning to be expressed about the “low volume violence” in Ukraine.

The subject of Ukraine, is an area that manifest the international positions along with the war in Syria. Officials of the country have started to talk about a war preparation with Russia “to get Crimea back”.

Prime Minister of Ukraine openly express the possibility of war with Russia and calls for a campaign which aims to design Ukraine’s economy based on war conditions.

As defense ministers of NATO decide to increase the military support to Ukraine, another “civilian militia” group is added to the group: Muslim Battalion.

This battalion which consists of Chechens, Tatars, Uzbeks, Azerbaijanis who are mostly trained in ISIS and other murderous gangs, will create a huge threat for both within Ukraine and for Russia and Crimea in the near future. It is not so hard to find similarities with the situation in Syria.

“North Atlantic” War Organization is threatening that the cold war will become a “hot war” eventually while prating about the instability effect of Russia over the Baltic.

This bloody criminal organization launched a preparation operation with Turkish Navy in February. Shortly after, it announced that the NATO war ships commanded by Germany is given a mission in Aegean Sea to block the flow of refugees to Europe.

Well, who can claim that this operation is only for keeping immigrants in Turkey?

Or will the NATO warships from Canada, Turkey and Greece open fire on refugees?

Along with NATO, the main force that has war ships and aircraft carrier in Aegean and Mediterranean Sea is Russia. We know that a fleet of war ships of Russia, which supports Syrian government, also patrols between Crimea and Tartus as well.

On one hand, by increasing its military presence in Eastern Europe by 400% and its military budget from 789 million dollars to 3,4 billion dollars, USA, is initiating a military exercise in Estonia in front of the eyes of Russia.

While European Union and USA is extending the economic embargo imposed on Russia because of “the Ukraine crisis”, we shall not overlook the counter actions of Russia against these sanctions.

On the other hand, the imperialists and its collaborators are rejecting the draft resolution on “observance of the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Syria”, which is presented by Russia to the Security Council of United Nations on February 20th. In other words, a draft containing the founding principle of the United Nations, observation of the borders and sovereignty of a country, is rejected by the members of the institution.

All of these clearly show that imperialism does not want peace in Syria.

USA and NATO is encircling Russia.

Imperialism does not want peace in Ukraine or in Syria.

USA, supposedly warning Turkey for bombing Syria territories, is also expressing the recognition of “Turkey’s self-defense rights”. It leaves the door open for the madness of a land operation by AKP and Saudis.

The “temporary ceasefire” in Syria means nothing but a chance for jihadist murderers, who are backed by imperialism along with Saudi bigots and AKP, to gather up, rearm themselves and prepare.

Encircling Russia with wars in north, Mediterranean and Middle East and weakening it with embargos, along with the bloody process of dividing Syria and Iraq, which may evolve into a war between Sunnis and Shias in Middle East that may involve Turkey as well, are standing in front of us as a policy that imperialism would want to continue without getting its hands dirty.

It is clear that embargo and war tensions between imperialists and Russia will not come to an end in the near future.

The span of the “temporary ceasefire” in Syria is still unclear but we have to see that what awaits the people of Syriaand the region is not the “beginning” of peace.

It only opens a new and more widened stage of war.

The process about Syria, which is governed by USA and Russia, does not mean the end of war. It looks more like another Minsk Protocol, that neither of the sides obeys.

How does this situation end?

It solely depends on the working classes of those countries.

Either we rise up against imperialism all together, or we become lost as figurants in imperialism’s bloody history.

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