Working Class Will Rule, Not Reactionaries!

This year, May Day is going to be celebrated in our country at a period when the reactionary AKP government is raising a new “Presidency Constitution” agenda and the capitalist rule is showing no intention to slow down and on the contrary is stepping upto deepen the exploitation, as a day of unity, struggle and solidarity of the proletariat of Turkey.

Under these circumstanceswe shall not let them silence the voice of proletariat!

It is clear that main aim of the capitalist class is to gain more and more profit. They want to increase the exploitation and fill their pockets by hindering the working class to raise their voices, rise up and get involved in politics.

The reactionary government in our country is the representative of this pursuit. AKP never betrayed its owners during its reign.

“The Presidency Constitution” that they bring in front of us today, does not mean anything but a more comfortable and quick exploitation for the working class.

Reactionarism, marketism, exploitation and collaboration with imperialism are the real characteristic of the AKP government. International monopolies and imperialist countries that benefit greatly from the continuation of the capitalist system in Turkey, take side withthe capitalist class and AKP against the working class of Turkey.

Because of all these reasons, this May Day should emphasize on the fact that the working class have right to rule this country, not the owners and the representatives of the reactionary power.

Our Party, Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey approaches the debates on May Day according to following 10 principles:

1) The struggle of working class shall not be constrained in discussions about the “field” the meeting will be held. All trade union confederations, trade unions, chambers and left-socialist political parties shall act responsibly.

2) Conditions for a massive meeting of workers shall be forced and organized against the capitalist class and reactionary AKP.

3) The power to defeat AKP lies in the organization of the proletariat. It does not help to organize working class when May Days are organized without a purpose and goal, as seen with the May Day organizations in previous years.

4) Struggle of workers in metal industries that began last year and is still effective contains lots of lessons. It is important to strengthen this struggle and make it continuous in this May Day.

5) Capitalist class of Turkey will fortify its position strongly on the subjects of minimum wage discussions, private employment offices and subcontracted workers. We shall also organize this May Day to oppose these subjects strongly.

6) To make our working class to question the meaning of “The PresidencyConstitution” that is imposed on the people of Turkey is an important political agenda for this May Day. It shall not be forgotten that the Presidency will open a new era for the capitalist dictatorship in our country and will bring the pressure on the workingclass to the maximum.

7) People are frightened because of the bombings in different cities in recent months. An organized and aimed struggle is necessary in order to overcome this fear and bombings. May Day 2016 should be an example day for this.

8) In any case that we are unable to make this example, a reactionary government linked with the jihadist terrorist organizations can use these bombings as a threat and to prevent the struggle of working class.

9) Social democracy or similar political movements are false friends of theworking class and a real
friend of the capitalist class. Working class shall establish its own independent line. Because of this, social democrat or so- called radical democrat domination in trade unions should be broken in order to establish an independent political line of working class. Working class will be free as long as it is politicized and establish its own independent political line as long as it is organized. This May Day shall be seen as an opportunity to do that as well. Only this way the working class will have a power against rightist, reactionary and fascist trade unions.

10) To grow the struggle and organized power of the working class is fundamental for our Party, Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey. We will act according to this responsibility. History of struggle of the working class and for socialism in Turkey is known. For this reason, we should take stronger steps today to earn the future. This May Day shall be a day of that. Only this way, our struggle against capitalism, imperialism and reactionarism will be meaningful.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey
Central Office

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