Barbaric attack against Syria: Stop the imperialist aggression!

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey (TKH) organized a demonstration to declare act of solidarity with resistant people of Syria immediately after the imperialist attack led by France, United Kingdom and the United States.

Despite high presence of police forces and attempts to block the protest, TKH successfully made the press statement in front of Consulate General of France in Istanbul.

Full text of the press statement read during the protest:


The attack against Syria, a sovereign state which is recognized by the United Nations, by France, United Kingdom and the United States is not legitimate. The international law is broken, once again.

The attack against Syria is nothing but the rogue nature of imperialists as they tried to forcefully implement their political agenda and hegemony through military operations while not recognizing any rule.

Today, Syria is experiencing a total destruction as a result of jihadist terror. However, there are no “moderate” or “extreme” jihadists and the destruction caused by jihadist terror is backed by imperialist states as well as their collaborators in the region. The U.S, UK and France are the imperialist powers behind Syria’s destruction, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and AKP government in Turkey are collaborators of imperialist plans.

The reason of imperialist aggression against Syria is clear: To make sure that Syria’s resistance does not win against jihadist terror.

Jihadist terror organizations have been created, fed, managed and armed by imperialists and their collaborators. The aim of jihadist terror that has been leashed through Syria was to manage a regime change in favor of Zionist Israel and imperialism. However, they could not succeed it.

Although it’s been 8 years since the beginning of the war in Syria, imperialist had to intervene directly to the situation as of today. This situation, once again, reveals the real power behind jihadist terror is imperialism.

The use of chemical weapon allegations are lies and used as a pretext for imperialist aggression. The chemical weapon lies and provocations have been planned by imperialist states. They have used jihadist gangs as a cover to organize the chemical weapons lie.

As we have seen before during the invasion of Iraq, they put “chemical weapon” lie forward, again.

The US and France bases located at the East of Euphrates and extensions of British imperialism among jihadists are not secrets. Another point of this aggression against Syria is occupation and disintegration.

It is not a surprise for us that AKP government in our country, as well as establishment parties, support such an imperialist plan. Once again, their cover of anti-imperialism has been slipped: They are the partners of imperialist plans.

We condemn the aggression against Syria and declare our act of solidarity with the Syrian people, who protect their country under the bombardment of imperialism.

We call our people to struggle against the lies, lawlessness and barbarity of imperialism.

Down with imperialism!

Down with reactionism!


April 14, 2018

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