Communists celebrated the 100th anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey (TKH) organized a mass event in Istanbul Bostancı Showland on 5th of November to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution and call people to organize for a new Republic, namely the Socialist Republic.

The event started with International Anthem and a minute of homage was performed for the memories of those we lost in the struggle for socialism.

Aysel Tekerek, General Secretary of TKH, has delivered first speech of the event:

Let’s strengthen the only option that will end the exploitation, destroy the reaction, end the fascism and sustain equality, freedom, peace and brotherhood. Let’s dig the Socialist Republic with the golden letters to the identity of our country. We are ready. Communist Movement of Turkey is here, the real Communist Party of Turkey is here.”

Erkan Kılıç, CC Member of TKH, has delivered the second speech of the event:

“We, as communists of this country, believe in the accumulation created by these lands and the working class of Turkey. Just as the conditions that created the Great October Socialist Revolution, a struggle against capitalism and imperialism for the working class will open the way for the new October Revolution. New October will be the product of the struggle of the working class of our country!”

Kamil Tekerek, CC Member of TKH, has delivered the third speech of the event:

“The 1923 Republic went towards capitalism. The ruling capitalist class, its collaborators, the imperialist powers, the liberals and the reactionaries decayed 1923 Republic. Now there is a big gap in the middle and it is clear that we must have a view that gives the right of every event in history.

We, Communists, are confident that we will not do two things:

We will not cry behind the collapsed republic, but we will also not be happy with it!

Our country’s people need a real egalitarian republic. It is necessary for people to participate in government administration. A system without exploitation is needed. Real secularism and independence are essentials to settle in our country.

The only way is to do this is through bringing the Socialist Republic to these lands. The conditions of doing this are certain:

To trust working class and to enlarge the organized struggle of the working class of Turkey!

An uncompromising struggle for secularism!

Independence struggle against imperialism!

If something changes in this country, it will change when the workers’ power, the socialist republic, is established.”

Kurtuluş Kılçer, CC Member of TKH, has delivered the last speech of the event:

“If we want our country to be independent today, if we defend a secular life against reaction, if we want to live a decent life, we have no choice but a new Republic.

It is the secular and independent republic of the labourers who will save us. A new Republic is only possible with the power of the labourers! This Republic is the Socialist Republic.

As the Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey, we invite all our friends and comrades in this showland to organize for the socialist Republic.

Our Party, Communist Movement in Turkey is launching a new era of struggle! We have set out to become the mass party of the working class and the working people of Turkey! Turkey’s Communist Party will be established with this kind of struggle!”

After Kurtulış Kılçer’s speech, TKH Youth chanted slogans as “The youth is future, future is socialism”, “Long live revolution and socialism”

TKH Youth holding placards during the event. “The youth is future, future is socialism”

Declaration of Socialist Turkey has been read

During the event, Declaration of Socialist Turkey has been read. The declaration has stressed out essentials of the Socialist Republic.

“A new Republic is possible only if the progressive, patriotic, republican, and working people of our country take their destiny into their own hands. It is the organized power of the labourers that will liberate our country from the yoke of imperialism, save it from the darkness of reactionism and dictatorship capital. Today, there is no other power to stop this situation except the organized power of the people. For a new Republic, we call our people to organize in all areas of life and in party ranks.”

Communist parties sent their solidarity messages

Communist Party of Jordan (JCP), Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia (SRP), Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE), Communist Party of Portugal (PCP) and Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) sent their solidarity messages to our event.

Workers participated in the event

Public labourers that are dismissed by statutory decrees, Şişecam glass workers, construction workers, Kod-A workers participated in our event. Özgür Karataş, the representative of workers, stressed out the importance of Great October Socialist Revolution for the working class.

Workers also chanted for hunger striker academicians Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça.

Workers representative Özgür Karataş, giving his speech during the event.



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