For a new Republic

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey has launched a new political campaign and a new stage of struggle, called workers, youth, women and all progressives of our country to organize a new Republic, namely the Socialist Republic. A mass meeting will be held on 5th of November.

The Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey Party Conference, which gathered together in a period that imperialist aggression, capitalist exploitation and reactionary encirclement have received our country, has updated our missions as it has embraced the line of total struggle against reactionism, imperialism and capitalism in the 100th anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution and our Party’s 97th founding year.

It was decided to call to “organize for a new republic” against the reactionary, repressive and unlawful and exploitative “AKP regime” as imperialist aggression is increasing and new conflict zones of imperialism are emerging.

Proletariat, youth, women… All progressives of this country!

It is time to stand up for a new republic! The country we live in has existed with our labour until today; it will continue to exist in the same way in the future. We are laborers who try to live with the great effort yet we live in poverty and hunger line, creating all the wealth in this country.

The Republic of Turkey, which came to the stage of history after the collapse of a reactionary regime in 1923, meant a new order. The history of the Republic, which lasted for more than ninety years and came up on a daily basis, meant salvation for the laborers.

In 1917, while the workers and peasants are taking control of the power with the October Revolution, they were opening the path of equality and freedom. Also, the withdraw of the Socialist Russia from First World War, which is the imperialist countries’ struggle to share the world, ruined imperialists’ sharing plans.

After this step which was taken forward in the history, our country gave a War of Independence and the establishment of the Republic of Turkey was realized. The point reached today in the Republican history is nothing but the ruling capitalist class and its collaborators eating the republic.

The reactionary AKP government has passed into the history of our country as the “most functional” political power, which fulfils the aspirations of the capitalist class and the imperialist powers who have eaten the Republic.

It can not be said that AKP’s tasks are over. The alliance of liberals, AKP and the Gulen movement meant that the 1923 Republic would be abolished. Today, the AKP, which appears to be at odds with the liberals and the Gulen movement, claims to have established a new regime.

We know very well what they understand from a new regime

They want a country where the exploitation wheels have run without problem and workers’ rights have been lifted. They want an “ummah” state where sects and congregations are settled in society. By rewriting the history of Turkey and lifting those who lived in the last hundred years of this country, they are dreaming of returning to the Ottoman Empire.

The goal of AKP government, which does not have any limits of service to imperialism, is a Turkey where international monopolies and imperialist countries can walk freely.

“This regime” still means more privatization, more exploitation, more reaction and darkness.

We want a new republic

However, the laborers, women and youth of this country want another order. We want a new republic. We argue that not only the achievements of the Republic are preserved, but that a legitimate order should be established for the people of our country.

A new republic means PUBLICIZATION. Reversal of all privatizations and nationalization of private enterprises.

A new republic means ENLIGHTENMENT. The removal of all sects and congregations, the prevention of politics and the inclusion of reactionism in society, and the inevitable domination of secularism. Social life, economic and political life, human relations are not guided by superstitions but scientific facts.

A new republic means a new wake up AGAINST IMPERIALISM. The new republic is the closure of American bases in our country, the cancellation of all international agreements imposed on our country and exit from NATO.

A new republic is a unification of all workers from different ethnicity and breaking the circle which has created by capitalist state, reactionary government, capitalist class and imperialists.

Secular, fair, equal and free republic of laborers

A new republic will be the name of the country in which the laborers organize the administration. This new republic is the Socialist Republic, which is the name of secularism, independence, justice, equality and freedom.

We are urging all our progressive citizens to stand up and fight for a new republic.


Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey

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