Communist Review

Issue 17: October 2017 (Summer Conference Report)

Dear comrades,

In its seventeenth issue, Communist Review of Turkey shares with you the
2017 Summer Conference Report of Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey held its annual Party Conference on
September 11th, 2017. 2017 Summer Conference Report of Communist Movement
(Party) of Turkey consists of three main sections. In the first section,
the general evaluations on international developments, imperialism and
international communist movement are discussed. The second section
determines the recent developments in Turkish politics. Finally, the third
section assigns the position and duties of the Party for the upcoming
period in the light of these domestic and international discussions.

We believe this conference report will shed more light to the developments
in Turkey and how communists understand them and struggle against them for
fraternal parties.

With our comradely greetings,

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey
International Bureau

Communist Review of Turkey No.17

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