Communist Review

Issue 18: November 2017

Dear comrades,

In its eighteenth issue, Communist Review of Turkey shares with you the important activities, actions and events vanguarded by Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey (TKH) over the past three months.

Among them are the commemoration event of Great October Revolution in Istanbul, “Great October Socialist Revolution in its 100th Anniversary Symposium” organized by Marxist Manifesto, the theoretical publication of TKH, the successful resistance of glassworkers led by Class Attitude, the class organization of TKH, the opening of headquarters of Trade Union of
Construction and Building Workers, which is a part of Class Attitude, and other activities and events especially held by TKH Youth and Socialist Highschoolers and Progressive Womens’ Association.

With our comradely greetings,

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey
International Bureau


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