Protest outside the Consulate-General of Poland in Istanbul

Istanbul branch of Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey (TKH) gathered in front of the Consulate-General of Poland to protest reactionary and collaborator Polish government.

Upon the call of the Communist Party of Poland (KPP) to protest in Polish Consulates against anti-communist persecutions, Istanbul branch of TKH met in front of the Polish Consulate-General building in Maslak with the aim of defying the history against imperialist aggression sustained on all fronts.

Full statement is below:

To press and public,

Communism is not a crime but the greatest cause of humanity!

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, imperialism continues to attack the labourers. All over the world, on the one hand, dozens of countries are aimed by imperialist terror with imperialist occupations, civil and proxy wars, while on the other hand, social and political rights of the labourers wanted to be taken away.

Part of this aggression is the effort to rewrite the history of class struggles in Europe. Today, the Baltics states, especially former socialist countries such as Ukraine and Poland, are attacking with most immoral methods to criminalize communism and they are supported by Germany and the United States.

Nazis are praised in these countries. Those who collaborate in the Nazi occupation are heroized by saying they are fighting against the communists and the Soviet Union. Communist symbols are forbidden. The heroic struggle against the Nazi occupation and the monuments erected in the name of socialism are being demolished. History books are tried to be rewritten. Meanwhile, communist politics and parties are also being banned.

In Poland, which is the stronghold of Catholic reactionism in Europe, Polish Communists are now being brought against the court for the propagation of communism once again on the initiative of persecutions against Communist Party of Poland.

Here we are gathered to show solidarity with our Polish comrades and once again, hold against reactionary, collaborator and anti-communist Polish government that these efforts are ineffective.

Just as in the Baltic states and in Ukraine, cooperation with imperialism and the enmity of communism is legitimized in Poland, and the dictatorship of capital is being tried to be deepened. They will not.

These attempts to criminalize the greatest cause of humanity will undoubtedly share the same fate with Nazi conspiracies and brutality, contra-guerrilla methods of NATO and anti-communist witch hunts of McCarthy in Cold War period.

Polish reactionaries who declared a war against the Great Socialist October Revolution in the past, who preferred Nazis against the Soviet Union, and organized the treacherous network of “Solidarity” against socialism, are now collaborating NATO terror in Eastern Europe. As a part of this, they do not stop to show any kind of illegality, unreasonable conspiracy and shame to prevent the working class from taking their destiny into their own hands.

With the prosecution of our Polish comrades, we warn the Polish government of the imperialist collaborator and others who go in the same way with it. Communism cannot be criminalized, history cannot be rewritten.

These cowardly methods you are applying will not prevent you from burying into the darkness of history and this time you cannot return.

Long live socialism and revolution!
Long live international solidarity!

Down with collaborator Polish reactionism!

27 November 2017

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