Solidarity message with the resistant people of Lebanon and the Lebanese Communist Party

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Movement of Turkey (TKH) condemns the criminal bombings in Bourj al-Barajneh, Beirut on Thursday evening, which killed dozens and injured hundreds. TKH is aware of the resistance and dignity of the Lebanese People, especially the working-class that is intensly resided in the neighbourhood that has been the target of the takfiri assassins.

Lebanese People who has been the symbol of resistance and dignity against imperialism and zionism for decades is also the example of peoples soldiarity against the mentioned forces.

TKH is also aware of the source of the horrible bomb attack in Beirut, which similarly the people of Turkey has also been targeted by in Ankara on 10th of October which took over 100 lives and left hundreds injured.

Communist Movement of Turkey hereby conveys its most sincere and comradely condolences to the Lebanese People as well as to the Communist Party of Lebanon and to the Lebanese resistance against imperialism and zionism.

The resistance and of the people of Lebanon will be victorious.

Long live the international solidarity!

Long live the resistance of the progressive forces against imperialism!


Communist Movement of Turkey (TKH)

Central Committee

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