Solidarity with Communist Party of Ukraine: Prohibitions should be lifted immediately!

On Tuesday (December 26th), a fascist attack on members of Communist Party of Ukraine’s youth organization Komsomol, was organized in Kiev. It is known that the fascists who attacked the communists were directed and financed by the Ukrainian government. Moreover, even the police who came to the scene did not interfere with fascist attackers.

The collaborative Ukrainian government came to power after the Euromaidan events that began in 2014, and one of its first acts was to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine. The Ukrainian government, which is known to be associated with fascist and neo-Nazi groups, is openly supported by the European Union and NATO for their interests in the region.

The Ukrainian government and fascist groups should know that the history of the communists is at the same time the fight against fascism. These attacks and repressive politics will not work now, just as they have not worked in the past.

Prohibitions against the Communist Party of Ukraine should be lifted immediately, and repression against communists must end. As communists from Turkey, we stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian comrades.


December 30, 2017

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