Statement on the 59th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution

On the 59th anniversary of Revolution and expelling the colloborator dictator of Batista in Cuba, we salute Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, their comrades and Cuban people with comradely feelings of solidarity.

Cuba, which became the stronghold of equality and freedom in Western Hemisphere 59 years ago, has succeeded to establish an equal and free life for all Cuban workers despite the aggression and embargos of imperialism, mainly from USA. We know that Cuba, which has shown a great determination and struggle to provide the necessities of a humanely living and to build socialism, will overcome the difficulties it is facing.

In this period of time as US reactionism adopts new assaults and their threats to this end continue to arise, communists assume the solidarity in all possible manners with Cuban workers, who still continues to inspire all working people in its region and around the world, as a revolutionary duty.

As communists of Turkey, we comradely salute Cuban Revolution on its 59th anniversary, Cuban people that realized it and their vanguard Cuban Communist Party once more and extend our solidarity.

Long live Cuba and socialism!

Cuba Si Yanki No!

January 1, 2018

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