Statement on US provocation regarding Jerusalem


The attempt by US imperialism to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel should be seen as a new aggression policy that will once again open the way for destruction and chaos in the Middle East.

Despite the fact that the illegal declaration of Jerusalem, which was occupied and settled by Israel in 1967, as the capital of Israel in 1980 is not recognized in the international law, this step taken without seeing any harm in violating international law once again by US imperialism as an ally of Zionist and occupant Israel regime is an attack on Palestinian people.

These steps by imperialism must be evaluated by considering all developments in the Middle East. The failure of the policy of imperialism of destruction and changing the balance named Great Middle East Project to reach its ultimate goals, the failure of the process of shaping the Middle East by jihadists gangs controlled by themselves to gain ultimate success, and creating new arguments as there is a lack of ground for an intervention in the region after the defeat of ISIS must be seen as the principal reasons of recent developments. A new stage, which would give ground for an intervention of imperialism and Israel, is sought to be initiated through provocative attempts on Lebanon and Palestine question.

The way to resolve the Palestine question is clear: Israel must deliver the lands of the Palestinians it occupies to the Palestinian people.

It should also be noted that Turkey has an embassy and consulate in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with representation at the level of ambassador. The statements made by AKP about Jerusalem reminds the “one-minute” show, once again. These words of AKP government, which is a part of imperialist plans in the Middle East through co-chairing the Great Middle East Project and supporting jihadist gangs in partnership with Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is hypocritical.

AKP and Islamic politics that are part of the imperialist plan initiated for the disintegration of Syria and establishment of an Islamic regime over the past 7 years actually functioned as supporters of Zionism. It should be known that disintegration, weakening and destruction of Syria have been developments that mostly benefitted the interests of Zionist Israeli regime. As part of such a plan, AKP government now shamelessly seeks to be seen as a supporter of Palestinian cause.

The facts must be clearly known by our people and we must be careful about new provocation attempts of imperialism and the hypocritical discourse.


December 6, 2017

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