The imperialist siege on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea must end!

Presentation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as a “threat” by imperialism, which bombs innocent peoples all around the World and supports the most savage gangs to exploit their resources, is unacceptable. Today, the biggest rogue state on the planet is the United States, the largest terrorist organization is NATO and their partners, collaborators. Their bloody profit calculations are the only ones that threaten our world.

The Korean War between 1950 and 1953 in the Korean Peninsula, which Turkey was embarrassingly involved with the collaborative policies of the pro-U.S. Democratic Party government, cannot be forgotten. During the Korean War, which is still in the memory of the Korean people, 635,000 tons of bombs, including 33,000 tons of napalm, thrown into the north of the peninsula, destroyed 64 cities and caused the loss of nearly 20 percent of the total population. This brutal bombing was even more than all the bombs used by all parties in the entire Pacific theatre in World War II. These facts cannot be forgotten.

It cannot be ignored that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been struggling for 64 years against the siege and blockade that US and Japanese imperialism and the collaborating South Korean regime have pursued without signing a peace treaty. It is unacceptable to seek to portray the Korean people, who are making great sacrifices to defend themselves against the South Korean regime, which has hosted US nuclear weapons for decades, as a threat.

The demand of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to protect their rights of sovereignty and independence is absolutely legitimate. Under the present circumstances, the imperialist threats, siege and blockade are behind what has led Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons need to be completely eradicated from the face of the earth. However, concealing the facts that only USA has ever used nuclear weapons so far, that imperialist countries do not hesitate to use them as a tool of threat and blackmail and that South Korean regime has enough knowledge and equipment to develop nuclear weapons and portraying Korea as a threat is a hypocrisy at least.

First of all, the reasons that led the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to nuclear weapons should be abolished. Unless this is done, peace cannot be achieved in the Korean Peninsula.

In this context, all economic sanctions imposed against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea must be ended immediately. US troops on the Korean Peninsula should be withdrawn, bases should be closed, the imperialist threat to the region must end. South Korea must stop collaboration with imperialism and give up on the repressive policies on the workers in the interests of the imperialist system in order to provide the conditions for a unification under an independent and sovereign state in the Korean Peninsula.

The hypocrisy by ignoring the imperialist threats that target Korean people, whose steps taken for self-defence are used as an excuse, must face the truths.

Communist Movement (Party) of Turkey

The imperialist siege on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea must end!
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