We will not bow down to the AKP dictatorship! Release our party member!

Our party member and university student Helin Nigit, was arrested and taken into custody today for allegedly guilty of “insulting a public servant” and “insulting the President Erdoğan” on her social media accounts.

Today we are once again protesting this practice, which is turned into a tool of silencing the opponents of AKP. We do not accept the punishment attempts of the reactionary AKP government with a cover of “insulting the President”.

It is not legitimate for any political activity directed at the state of emergency and single man administration to be seen as a crime of “insulting a public official and insulting the president”!

Our party member should be released as soon as possible.

We will not bow down to these illegal and oppressive practices of the AKP!


February 7, 2018

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